My Love of all things Fabulous!!

My Love of all things Fabulous!!
Hello Welcome to The Clutch Chronicles.. Here we will explore all things fashionable and ecclectic... Here, there is nothing ordinary but instead all things synomomous to all things extrodinary ! Im dalaia Lyn Lee and I will be your host...Sit back and relax and enjoy the journey

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Who Wore it Best!!!

A incredible body is the the first criteria to be in the running to where this haute and sleek Dress Both Ladies slam dunked it???

Rihanna Or The queen herself, Beyonce......??

Is it me or Has Ciara been hella upgraded!!!  Lately I've been anticipating a Paparazzi Foto of her.... Now if you can just keep my interest past 15 minutes we just might got a winner here, my Friends! : ) 
IDK... I think the Jack Skellington is the winner here... but Im no expert!!!  Lol

....And the Universe Goes tooooo.........Yes.. you guess'd it!!!  

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