My Love of all things Fabulous!!

My Love of all things Fabulous!!
Hello Welcome to The Clutch Chronicles.. Here we will explore all things fashionable and ecclectic... Here, there is nothing ordinary but instead all things synomomous to all things extrodinary ! Im dalaia Lyn Lee and I will be your host...Sit back and relax and enjoy the journey

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Here is a sneak peep into some of my favorite Spring 2011 RTW Collections!

People sometimes question me on my addiction to fashion but Oh no,it's not just fashion, baby,  it's an addiction to all things fabulously wonderful, seen and even somethings unseen!. C'mon now you must have to say, the site of a Jean Paul Gaultier Sequin embellished blazer with a logo tee and J.P.G. ripped jeans, classic black Louboutin pumps, with a classic but super chic Chanel long strap clutch style handbag, is definately a reason to get abundantly gitty!!! So Here is my tribute to designers who add to the beauty of the world and give us fashion addicts a reason to fiend.  Here is My 2011 Love affair with spring fashion.    Enjoy yourself!

Zac Posen 2011 Spring RTW

Nina Ricci 2011 Spring 2011

Akris 2011 Spring RTW

Alexander McQueen Spring 2011

Balcienga Fall RTW 2010

Chanel Spring 2011 RTW

Gucci 2011 Spring RTW

Celine 2011 Spring RTW

Giambasttista Valli 2011 Spring RTW

More To Come!!!.......

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