My Love of all things Fabulous!!

My Love of all things Fabulous!!
Hello Welcome to The Clutch Chronicles.. Here we will explore all things fashionable and ecclectic... Here, there is nothing ordinary but instead all things synomomous to all things extrodinary ! Im dalaia Lyn Lee and I will be your host...Sit back and relax and enjoy the journey

Saturday, December 25, 2010

OK.. What about its time for us to stop playing...and Kill the G.A.M.E.!!!

Lakers on Christmas!!!!
The Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat are headed for a crash course...And I'm ready to see it all colide today!!! I'm no gambler but I got a specific bet on this one that I want desperately to win and my good people, I'm not worried! (At all)  ...... C'mon Lakers do me proud!!!

This is how it begins.............
.....And this is how it ends!!!!

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